World Laughter Day 2017

City: Melbourne, Victoria
Date: 7th May, 2017
Day: Sunday
Time: 11am to 12pm
Venue: Federation Square, St Paul's Court Steps, (Buskers Pitch)

THEME: World Peace through Laughter

WLD 2017

This annual event is organised by the Laughter Clubs of Victoria (LCVi).  LCVi is a community service club solely involved in spreading the message of simulated laughter to all, fun and free.  

We have more than 30 clubs throughout Victoria and our mission is to grow as many clubs as is possible to make laughter accessible to everyone.

On World Laughter Day, we hope to attract a large crowd from all over Victoria and beyond to laugh with us for Good Health, Happiness and World Peace.

The Celebration will feature Laughter Clubs from around the State presenting their Signature Laughs.  Everyone will be invited to join in our competition to find the Woman and Man with the funniest and most contagious laugh and the Child with the happiest laugh and walk away with surprise gifts.

World Laughter Day is an opportunity for people of Victoria to be part of this global attempt to use our innate gift of laughter to make this world a better place.

"When you laugh you change and when you change the world changes with you".

The Free Community Event is presented by Laughter Clubs Victoria  and sponsored and supported by Federation Square and you peace loving folks of Victoria.

Contact: President Laughter Clubs Victoria -
Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen @ 0431 166 002

WORLD LAUGHTER DAY 2016 - We had a fantastic time, here is the link to our photos

Following is information which will be updated when available. The content differs very little year to year. World Laughter Day is held on the 1st Sunday in May each year, all around the world.

World Laughter Day 2015 - World Peace Through Laughter

Here is a link to LCVi Facebook page, the photos from World Laughter Day 2015. Click here and also here.

And President's Message, thank you Mahes for all your dedication and inspiring message.

Dear Laughers,
"Well Done, Well Done Yeah" On World Laugher Day (WLD)
World Laughter Day 2015 came and went in a flash. What remains is the fact that a huge big group of people from all walks of life coming together in peace andharmony to laugh for a better world. Our hearts were merry and our spirit washigh and the environment festive, fun and joyous and may this feeling continuefor a very long time.

Nature was with us all the way, showing its wonderful face in support of ourcause "World Peace through Laughter". With our hoots of laughter, shrieking through the May morning sky, sure enough, the sun came shining through. We wereunstoppable, sharing, eyes meeting and bonding, it was a sight to behold.

Sounds of laughter pealed at the stroke of 11am and never stopped except for Greg Furey, a comedian who tested our intellect in short bursts. There, was acomparison between comedy and laughter yoga and it surely came across as laughter yoga any time, comedy you need to go looking for.

Together, the LCVi team, laughed, chuckles, giggled ,guffawed, shaked and happily twisted our way into everyone's hearts.

Our Laughter Competition for the public Male, Female and Child, attracted arecord number of volunteers, who walked away with special gifts.

I must say, the excitement was electric and the crescendo of laughter and cheers kept building till we laughed our way to set a record for 200 peoplelaughing together for 3 minutes. We made Australian history together; we haveset the Australian Record for a big group of people laughing together for noreason.

World Laughter Day 2015 was an opportunity for us Victorian's to join the rest of the world in our attempt for Peace to Prevail.It was a special morning in our world right smack in the heart of Melbourne. Our wish is to inspire people around us to live life laughing and bask in andmake the most of the benefits of laughter for a happy, healthy, peaceful life.

My heartfelt gratitude to all LCVi members who came with enthusiasm filled tothe rafters and displayed the best of Laughter Clubs Leader Skills. Thanks toall who took part, our sponsor Federation Square, and a special thanks to allthe attendees who made World Laughter Day 2015 a great success.

Tips on how we can continue using laughter to help ourselves, others who need it and for peace:
Let's use laughter to foster love and friendship, talk about it to everyone,and spread it thick far and wide.
Laughter as the foundation for reconciliation. — St. Francis de Sales

Let me leave you for now with Mother Teresa's words " Peace begins with asmile—smile five times a day at someone you don't really want to smile atall—do it for peace. So let us radiate peace…and extinguish in the world and inthe hearts of all men all hatred and love for power". — Mother Teresa

In Peace and Harmony, LOL everyday till next year WLD,

World Laughter Day 2014

We had an awesome day, check out the pictures and please like us on Facebook if you have not yet, thank you. If you would like to check out the photos on FaceBook, please head there, thank you. Not part of the celebration? Then put the day down for next year, 1st Sunday in May at 11am, Fed Square.

World Laughter Day 2013 and 10th Birthday Bash

World Laughter Day on Sunday 5th May was our best yet, followed by our 10th Birthday celebrations. There was a huge crowd of Melbournites, Laughter Club Members and Leaders and to see photos on Facebook and please 'like it' if you do, go to Laughter Clubs Victoria Offical Page.

Please enjoy this open letter received from Laughter Club Victoria's Founder, Phillpa Challis. Thank you Phillipa for instigating Community Laughter Clubs in Victoria ten years ago. Where would we be without you, as bringing laughter to those of who have been involved with the laughter movement has been a significant contribution to many lives.

Thank you again Phillipa.

Hi Everyone

I am still smiling as a result of last Sunday, and I am full of gratitude to everyone involved in both the World Laughter Day celebrations and the Birthday Bash.

You will have heard it said often that it only takes 10 years to be an overnight success.  I had wanted to send this email yesterday, but I ran out of time as it was a very full day for me and included  a keynote presentation at a dinner an hour's drive from home.  I mention this because several things of note happened there.  There were people in the audience who knew Sunday was WLD, two people heard radio interviews I'd done for WLD, someone had heard Mahes on the radio at 7am on Sunday, one lady was at Fed Square for WLD 9 years ago and had entered the best laugher competition on the day, and a lady who had been told about laughter yoga by her friends only a couple of weeks ago is off to join the Avondale Heights LC next weekend!

Mahes you deserve a special thank you for your leadership of the organising committee for both events.  It was a pleasure to be part of both of them and again, I can only say how proud I was that the vision I and others on the LCVi committee had all those years ago was being played out so well. Your thoughtful way of putting the Birthday Bash program of entertainment, Bollywood Dancing (Our very own laughter member Lady Ga Ga certainly got us all up and going) and informative activities together during the afternoon was enjoyed by everyone there.

The lovely flowers you presented to Kym, Bronwyn and myself for our presidential roles in LCVi (thank you, I was delighted to receive them) was a lovely acknowledgement.  Encouraging people to be involved and contribute things  such as the delicious food people brought along, and Ros for organising the fabulous birthday cake has set the tone for future years of celebration to come.

Not only do I celebrate 10 years of LCVi's existence, I celebrate having such wonderful laughers involved in LCVi.  Especially our executives - Kym for being a good mother hen and always making everyone feel soooo good and happy,  Colleen for balancing her life to be able to bring her secretarial skills to LCVi (and I know how busy being LCVi secretary can be), Mahes for giving us the benefits of all her years of experience from running laughter clubs in Malaysia, and our  treasurer Grace giving us a financial report so fast and so clearly set out that even I can understand it (she who has no head for figures).

From the bottom of my heart thank you all for making our 10th Birthday celebration one that I'll always remember.

Live Life Laughing!

Phillipa Challis
Founder, Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc