Belinda Nechwatal JPEGA creative and engaging primary schoolteacher, Belinda works with children of all ages to enhance and develop their feelings of social connectedness and self-esteem.

Through providing alternative ways to look at stressful situations and building social connectedness, Belinda's work enhances well being in the classroom and reduces feelings of isolation,depression and instances of bullying.

Belinda's Laughter Yoga workshops are fun, positive and empowering for children, while for teachers, these programs provide a powerful way to connect with their students, as well as a further tool to foster children's emotional intelligence.

Through her own personal experiences, Belinda found Laughter Yoga to be an amazingly effective release from emotional stress and physical pain and now uses her skills to help others overcome life's challenges and infuse life and learning with laughter.

Belinda's extensive experience in educational,community and cultural settings and her skills in working with disadvantaged or at risk students and communities equips her well in this setting.

Belinda currently produces and delivers education programs for the State Library of Victoria, and has also run focus groups for organisations such as UNESCO.

Belinda is a dynamic and warm presenter and is excited by the privilege of supporting the growth and development of young people.


LCVi– Speaker's Page Client Guide - 22 July 2014

LCVi offers a service of helping organisations locate and book an experienced and trained laughter leader/speaker to run laughter presentations and sessions.

LCVi is committed to maintaining high standards in both presentations and the engagement/booking process. We also are committed to ongoing professional development of the presenters and procedure on our Speaker's Page.

If you decide to make a booking request, (and we hope you do!) LCVi will need to know as accurately as possible, the proposed time and date of your proposed session; how many people will be attending; and what kind of organisation you are – "what do you do?" It is important that you read the whole guide so please click and read more on the Laughter Speaker's Client Guide page.