Phillipa Challis Bio


Pip V2You can look forward to interactive fun-filled events when you book laughter practitioner Phillipa Challis to run one of her laughter yoga sessions at your conference, workshop, professional development seminar, retreat, AGM or other special event - anywhere, anytime and for any size audience.

Your reward will be to discover ways of having laughter increase your team‟s productivity and grow your business. Phillipa shares clinically proven strategies which will also improve your health and well-being in your professional and personal lives.

As a professional speaker for more than 25 years Phillipa knows the multiple benefits of laughter from having enjoyed them herself and creating a happier, healthier more positive lifestyle.

In her sessions you will learn in a highly entertaining way to apply for yourself well-researched and scientifically verified laughter activities with results that will resonate for years to come.

For over 15 years she has travelled around Australia and overseas spreading the happidemic of laughter. Corporate clients engage"The Laughter Lady‟ because; as one other client wrote, you are a catalyst for culture change, having turned our staff into advocates for the business and empowering them to achieve even more.

Phillippa is the Chuckling Executive Officer of her successful business, a gelotologist and a certified Laughter Teacher. Founder and inaugural President of Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc (Est. 2003), she was appointed as an International Laughter Yoga Ambassador in 2006 by the founder of the worldwide laughter movement.

In addition to running monthly laughter programs for several organisations including aged care facilities and regularly presenting laughter sessions at expos and festivals,Phillipa has happily lead the Geelong community Laughter Yoga Club since establishing it in 2002. It was the first club in Victoria and is so popular that it has run every Saturday without ever missing a week for over 15 years.


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