Lynette Mitchell Bio

LynetteiconsmlIt was one of those true life-changing moments. There I was, in 2005, watching television about people laughing together to feel good. Immediately I wanted to be involved in such an incredible thing!

Then as if it was meant to be, l heard soon after that the 'laughter guru' Dr Madan Kataria was coming to Melbourne to run a workshop! I booked myself in, did the Laughter Leader training and started the Boronia Laughter Club, which is now at Ferntree Gully.

Since then I have completed the Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training with the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and have become well established working within the laughter movement.

My mission is to: Primarily to work in the Mebourne Corporate field. Additionally connecting teams within business, groups and communities in Melbourne schools, hospitals and the not-for-profit sector. This laughter work reminds people to laugh, play, be joyful, nurture self and eliminate negative stress.

The main areas of specialisation are local government, corporate, schools, hospitals, the health industry and not for profit organisations. Students, teachers as well as people employed in these areas can often inadvertently get caught up with work demands. Frequently working long hours and under great stress, they do not have time or forget to look after themselves. That said, my clients cover a broad range from businesses, not-for-profit groups, local government, aged care and groups involved within the wellness industry.

I am involved with the Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc administering the website, also enjoy the participation in extra activities such as leading laughter sessions at Federation Square and the Mind Body Spirit Festival.

Since I became involved with the laughter yoga movement in 2005 when I trained as a laughter club leader, I have been working as an inspirational speaker and incorporate other modalities, according to the client's requirements, due to my health, wellness and personal growth background. With a long list of credentials, including a Certificate IV in Mentor and Coaching, Certificate IV in Assessment & Training and Diploma of Holistic Living Counselling. My life has been filled with learning and loving new experiences. On a personal note, I embrace drawing lessons.

The only reason my experience and credentials are important is because they demonstrate the help, growth and fulfillment I can bring to people by reminding them to feel good and reduce stress through laughter. There is such a feeling of joy that comes with embracing laughter back into your life. I use modern technology to help connect with and network with people, and offer a regular FREE email service to everyone, which includes simple techniques for feeling good and reducing stress, inspirational stories, as well as updates on laughter events.

I am also seeing clients privately by appointment in my capacity as a Holistic Living Counsellor and Mentor, Life Coach.

For a heart-opening experience, please contact for my contact information. I am based in Ferntree Gully and facilitate laughter sessions and workshops throughout the south-eastern Melbourne region and am open to discuss traveling further distances.


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