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Are You Looking For A Laughter Speaker?

Are you looking for a speaker for your workplace or community group? Any of the Certified Laughter Leaders listed on the Speakers' Page will be happy to discuss your needs. Click on their name which links you to information and please email to organise a booking.

To read the theory behind laughter yoga, and procedures for finding a speaker, go to the Laughter Yoga Page and read more regarding how to book on the Laughter Speaker's Client Guide page.

Following is our list of Speakers

Mahes Karrupiah-Quillen - Kew
Colleen Templeman - Wodonga
Phillipa Challis - Geelong
Lynette Mitchell - Ferntree Gully
Bronwyn Roberts - Blackburn
Merv Neal - Melbourne CBD
Belinda Nechwatal - Melbourne
Kym Goodman - Myrtleford

Colleen Templeman - Click here for full bio
Colleen Templeman Photo

Colleen Templeman lives in Wodonga and generally services laughter sessions and workshops in country areas, although could be available for metropolitan upon request.
Colleen is a trained Laughter Leader and also holds qualifications as a Laughter Yoga Teacher with Dr Kataria International School of Laughter Yoga. She leads the Wodonga Laughter Club and believes in the many health and psychological benefits of laughing regularly.

Kym Goodman - Click here for full bio

Kym Icon smlKym Goodman lives in the country in Myrtleford and leads two laughter clubs there. She is a qualified Laughter Yoga teacher and leader and will travel an extended distance from Myrtleford to share laughter sessions, workshops and training. She has been involved with laughter clubs for 13 years.
Kym is a vibrant public speaker with a unique, easy style which invites audience to relax, unwind, have fun and learn. She leads laughter sessions and workshops in the corporate, education, public health. Kym inspires people through laughter to take responsibility for their health and well being.

Lynette M Tree SM

Lynette Mitchell is a trained Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher with the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and has facilitated laughter sessions since beginning the Ferntree Gully Laughter Club thirteen years ago. She is a qualified Life Coach and Holistic Living Counsellor.

Lynette shares laughter and personal growth for corporate, the aged sector, carers in our society and other varied groups. Her primary work is around Melbourne and enquiries are invited from further afield. She generally includes breathing and meditation in the sessions and reminds people how to laugh, be joyful and find time for fun and personal growth.

Mahes Karrupiah-Quillen - Click here for full bio

Mahes Icon sml

Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen is a Naturopath and a pioneering advocate of the holistic health of the mind, body and spirit. She is acclaimed for being Malaysia's first Laughter Therapist and Trainer, personally groomed in India in 1999 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Clubs International. Mahes has been President of Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc for four years and was Vice-President for three years.
She is also a Certified Trainer and Speaker with Laughter Yoga International with Australian Certificate IV in Assessment and Training. Her background is in psychology, and as a practicing Naturopath with a speciality in Stress Management, Adrenal Exhaustion, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Mahes contributes positively to people's well being in her work, other than that associated with laughter yoga. Mahes lives in Kew and will travel both nationally and internationally speaking on both laughter and holistic subjects as outlined. Mahes has worked with numerous National and Multi National Corporate Companies here and in South East Asia and has skilfully used laughter in various Corporate Scenarios with great success. Her focus is with the corporate sector and is readily available to facilitate laughter and speak across the board as requested.

Merv Neal - Click here for full bio

Merv Icon sml

Merv is a Master Trainer (one of only two in Australia). As a professional speaker for more than 14 years Merv presents throughout Australia as well as overseas. He provides informative and entertaining presentations and workshops to all types of organisations about how laughter can improve their people and their environment. He has recently worked with Deakin University and Monash Medical Centre on two research studies on the impact of laughter on employees and hospital patients.

He is presently working on another study with Southern Health regarding dementia and aged care. Merv also runs the Melbourne Laughter Club.

Phillipa Challis OAM - Click he re for full bio

Pip V2Phillipa ChallisOAM lives in Geelong and has for over 16 years travelled around Australia and overseas spreading the happidemic of laughter, a gelotologist and a certified Laughter Teacher. Founder and inaugural President of Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc (Est. 2003), she was appointed as an International Laughter Yoga Ambassador in 2006 by the founder of the worldwide laughter movement. As a professional speaker for more than 30 years Phillipa knows the multiple benefits of laughter from having enjoyed them herself and creating a happier, healthier more positive lifestyle.

Phillipa Challis is available anywhere, anytime and for any size audience to run one of her laughter yoga sessions at your conference, workshop, professional development seminar, retreat, AGM or other special event. Phillipa shares clinically proven strategies which will also improve your health and well being in your professional and personal lives.

Belinda Nechwatal - Click Here For Full Bio

Belinda Nechwatal JPEG A creative and engaging primary school teacher, Belinda works with children of all ages to enhance and develop their feelings of social connectedness and self-esteem. Through providing alternative ways to look at stressful situations and building social connectedness, Belinda's work enhances well-being in the classroom and reduces feelings of isolation, depression and instances of bullying.
Belinda's Laughter Yoga workshops are fun, positive and empowering for children, while for teachers, these programs provide a powerful way to connect with their students, as well as a further tool to foster children's emotional intelligence.
Belinda's extensive experience in educational, community and cultural settings and her skills in working with disadvantaged or at risk students and communities equips her well in this setting. She is a dynamic and warm presenter and is excited by the privilege of supporting the growth and development of young people.

Bronwyn Roberts -  Click here for full bio

Bron 100px 11.7.14Bronwyn Roberts lives in Blackburn and has for over a decade been sharing the benefits of laughter with audiences around Australia, South East Asia and in the USA. Bron as she likes to be called, has given Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc wonderful service as our President for four years, between 2006 and 2010. In 2004 she trained as one of Australia's first fully certified Laughter Yoga Trainers and was also awarded an International Laughter Yoga Ambassadorship in recognition of her work sharing Laughter Yoga with groups around Australia and in South East Asia. In 2012 she received the Kraft Australia "Toast of a Nation" award in recognition her continued work. Her clients include those in the education, health, age care, community, government and corporate sectors. Bron runs three popular weekly laughter clubs, the Mitcham Community Laughter Club, founded in 2004 and two clubs for the residents, staff and families of Regis Age Care. She travels both nationally internationally.



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