Please join your colleagues from Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc in the Melbourne Australia Day Parade on Saturday 26 January. We need 25 laughter friends to represent LCVi in the Parade. At present 20 have put their names down and as this is a limited number (25) you will need to confirm your attendance with Jim, as follows.
Please let Jim Lord know that you will be attending. Call on 0412 382 085 or email Wear your Laughter Club t-shirt if you have one; but dress for comfort.

We meet on the east side of Swanston Street between Lonsdale and Little Bourke Streets, at 10.15 am and probably heading off about 11am after ceremonies at the Town Hall.
We are in Section 3, Group Number 40.

The parade will go ahead rain hail or shine - wear appropriate clothing, bring your water bottles!! Public transport will be running on a public holiday schedule. IF YOU ARE LATE - YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO JOIN IN ALONG THE WAY!!

GET THERE EARLY TO BE SURE. Oh yes - you can be assured of having a good laughter workout and wonderful connection with the watching crowds along theway they love us!!

See you there! Ho Ho Ho.



Australian Flag

Following is the report from our President, Mahes Karrupiah-Quillen.

15 strong LCVi members turned up for the Australia Day March braving the prediction of morning showers.  We all got together early to celebrate all the good things about being Australians joining a big contingent of people from all over Victoria with almost everything that is unique about us as a culture and as people on grand display.  It was a brilliant show of colours, sounds, dance and merriment. This exquisitely executed parade was a big very good, very good, yeah to the organisers, For me Australia Day was defined with sublime participation of everyone especially from us as people were happily connecting with us cheering and laughing with us all through the March. It is said that laughter is the shortest distance between people and from the response we got from the public we sure closed the gap. Our trade mark clapping and chanting of the "ho ho ha ha ha" was echoed by many and it was a most emotional experience for most of us I believe.  The best way to get a true flavour of the day is to be there, it truly was a memorable day, so don't miss it next year.

To see photos, go to our Facebook photos, here is the link.


It was a fabulous day and we look forward to doing it all over in 2015. The March was a lot of fun and the laughter session in the park was very well received by the Melbourne public, many had never laughed like that before. Thanks to Carolyn Nicholson for being such a great organiser and Kym Goodman for doing the laughter session. Here are the photos on our Facebook page and if you have not liked us yet, please do.

Laughter Session and People's March.

LCVi Australia Day March

Australia Day March 2016Australia Day March 2016
Australia Day March 2016